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Fiber ljuskälla - halogen

  • Interchangeable EKE or extra bright EJA lamp.
  • On/off switch separate from the dimmer for maximum control and repeatability.
  • Interchangeable adapter accepts all brands of fiberoptic light guides.
  • 1” Bezel is very cool, and accepts oversized lightguides. Also includes space for an extra 25mm filter.
  • Soft start ergonomic dimmer reduces inrush current and lengthens bulb life. Provides smooth light change from zero to 100%.
  • Separate filter drawer accepts standard 25mm diameter filters (Dicroic filters recommended)
  • No soldered connections for carefree and convenient maintenance.
  • Lamp exchange drawer folds completely out of the housing for easy bulb replacement, no tools required.
  • Private label capability.
  • Overall Height: 121 mm
  • Overall Width: 205 mm
  • Overall Depth: 219 mm
  • Unit Weight: 4,8 kg including cord
  • Adapter Receptacle: 25.4mm OD.
  • (Fiber receptacle varies with adapter)


FTI offers a family of fiberoptic illuminators unsurpassed in quality and performance. Exceptional value, proprietary features, and a large selection of customizing options and accessories make the product family adaptable to any need.

150W, 230V AC unregulated lightsource CE


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