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Fabrikat Puhui

Värmeplatta. Förvärmning av kort med IR.

Temp 0-450 grader C. 220 V 1600W.

★. (1) This machine selects the infrared component to give off heat which independent exploration, adopts advanced PID intelligent temperature, controls temperature precisely.
★. (2) T-8280 can achieve to heat PCB board and component which contains lead or not,especially for the BGA and SMD parts.
★. (3) Use infrared heat, easy to cut through, heat proportion, don’t have sirocco flow. Don’t shift the small components on the PCB board,ensure the welding quality.
★. (4) This machine has 600W heating system, widely to 280x270mm.Can use together with the handhold infrared welder T-835.
★. (5) Easily operate, you can operate it through easy training.

Technical Parameters
Work bench size - 410x316mm
Rated voltage and frequency - AC220-230v/AC110V   60/50Hz
Complete machine power - 1600W
Preheating plate power - 1500W
Preheating plate size - 280x270mm
Preheating plate temperature adjustable - 0-450℃

Main Components
Preheating plate main body
Temperature sensor
PCB board holder
Power line
User manual (compact disc)


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